1. Cut Taxes & Simplify the Tax Code:

Tre aims to address the complexity and confusion of the current federal income tax system by proposing a simplified approach. He advocates for a "flat tax" rate of 10% for personal income tax and business taxes, drawing inspiration from the late-Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan. This streamlined system eliminates the annual requirement for W-2 employees to file personal tax returns, thereby reducing the burden on taxpayers and businesses. Implementing a flat tax rate ensures that everyone contributes their "fair share" without disproportionately penalizing those who have achieved success.

By adopting this approach, the need for additional IRS agents is minimized, as taxpayers can easily calculate their tax obligations. Tre's proposal seeks to simplify the tax code, making it more transparent and accessible to taxpayers, while also easing the administrative burden on individuals and businesses alike.

2. Protect our nation’s law enforcement:

For nearly a decade, Tre has been a prominent figure in the national movement to safeguard the interests of law enforcement in the face of riots and civil unrest. He is dedicated to introducing federal measures that would prevent any attempts to "Defund the Police" or hinder their enforcement capabilities. Tre also seeks to establish federal penalties for rioting and deliberate attacks on law enforcement personnel, recognizing the importance of protecting public safety. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of law enforcement officers, Tre emphasizes the need to provide them with comprehensive training, equipment, and resources.

Additionally, he advocates for the implementation of policies and practices that prioritize officer wellness and mental health, aiming to mitigate risks to both officers and the public. Having witnessed officers losing their lives in the line of duty, violent riots, organized harassment, and premeditated attacks on police across the country, Tre has emerged as a leading advocate for law enforcement protection. He urges Congress to establish penalties for acts of “domestic terrorism” as defined by U.S. Code 18 § 2331 (5) and is actively proposing legislation to designate law enforcement officers as a "protected class" under 18 U.S. Code § 249 (Hate Crimes).

3. Protect Businesses & Incentivize U.S. Production:

Following the 2020 riots, a significant number of businesses across the country were forced to halt their operations due to the damages incurred theft, looting, arson, and robbery. Sadly, some businesses, including high-end retail, were forced to permanently close "brick and mortar" stores due to the subsequent surge in insurance rates. Additionally, some companies found cost-saving opportunities by outsourcing labor to other countries. Safeguarding our local businesses becomes paramount in light of these challenges. Tre is fully dedicated to ensuring the safety and long-term viability of our businesses, as well as preserving job opportunities within the U.S.

4. Protecting Family Values:

Protecting family values and ensuring child safety is of paramount importance. It is critical to educate families and raise awareness about the evolving dangers and risks that children encounter in today's society. These include, but are not limited to, online safety concerns, human trafficking, bullying, substance abuse, and sexual exploitation or abuse crimes. By staying informed and proactive, we can take steps to safeguard our children and preserve the values that are fundamental to a healthy and nurturing family environment. Tre is committed to ensuring that our federal laws reflect these values.

5. Supporting Our Military Veterans:

Tre, a former U.S. Army service member, highly values military service and understands the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces. With personal experience, he recognizes the challenges soldiers, and their families encounter during and after their service. Tre is dedicated to advocating for enhanced veterans' healthcare, better access to services, and responsible spending that prioritizes the well-being of our troops and veterans. He also supports providing free legal services to assist veterans in transitioning to civilian life. Additionally, Tre plans to introduce legislation that grants "automatic citizenship" to immigrants who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces upon completing their service term.

6. Protecting Social Security:

You've earned your Social Security benefits, and you deserve to receive them. Tre is committed to advocating for seniors and the working-class, which is why he opposes raising the social security age from 67 to 70. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns about life expectancy challenges, particularly among ethnic minorities and African American males, whose current life expectancy stands at 68 years. This means that potentially almost 18% of the American population may not receive Social Security benefits. Tre will vigorously fight to safeguard Social Security, ensuring that every worker has access to it upon retirement. America's contribution to foreign aid currently stands at approximately 25% of the federal budget. Tre proposes a 15% reduction in foreign aid to secure America's working-class for future generations.

7. Support for Israel:

In March of 2022, Tre embarked on a mission trip to Israel with a focus on politics, culture, and religion. During his visit, he had the privilege of engaging with political officials, religious leaders, and scholars to deepen his understanding of Jewish and Christian history, culture, and religion. Tre also familiarized himself with Israel's homeland security concerns and their efforts to balance the diverse cultural and religious needs of their citizens, highlighting Israel's unique status as the only democracy in the Middle East. In October of 2022, Tre's unwavering advocacy for Jewish interests garnered recognition from the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF). His dedication led to his inclusion as #48 on the Top 50 Christian Allies list, a testament to his support for the Jewish community.

Tre firmly believes in the significance of the relationship between Christians, Jews, the United States, and Israel, rooted in shared values and mutual interests. Tre is determined to vigorously defend Israel's sovereignty by ensuring the provision of necessary resources to combat all forms of terrorism. He recognizes the importance of standing by Israel and will actively fight to protect its security and interests. Tre is also a staunch defender against antisemitism in the United States.

8. Safeguarding Communities & Prison Reform: Tre strongly upholds the principle of "Fair Time for Fair Crime," advocating for violent offenders to be held accountable for their actions and serve their full sentences and for judges to be accountable for their sentencing practices. He opposes "no-bail" laws and the decisions of liberal district attorneys who decline to prosecute, as these have led to increased harm to the public. To address this issue, Tre proposes a federal referral system that would allow certain felony violent crimes to be prosecuted under federal jurisdiction if the state fails or refuses to prosecute them. He will actively work to protect communities from repeat offenders and put an end to the revolving door of prisons. Recognizing the high recidivism rate of 64% among violent offenders released from federal prisons, Tre suggests implementing a plan to reform federal prison release programs.

This plan involves mandatory psychological assessments, utilizing tools like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), to identify predictive behaviors in violent offenders before their release on parole. Tre acknowledges the need for a clinical approach to reduce risks to the public, given the past shortcomings of federal supervision. Additionally, Tre believes that victims of violent crime should have a greater role in determining whether a violent offender is released on parole. This perspective aims to empower victims and consider their perspectives in the parole decision-making process. Overall, Tre's approach is driven by data and seeks to minimize potential harm caused by violent offenders, promoting both public safety and victim-centered policies.

9. Prioritize campus safety and education:

Tre is fully dedicated to advancing campus safety and implementing education policies that prioritize the well-being and educational success of our children. With his extensive background as a college professor, police officer, and researcher on campus safety, Tre strongly advocates for proactive measures to mitigate the risk of shooting attacks on school and college campuses.

Tre firmly believes that every school in America should have sworn police patrols, with all officers receiving proper training and equipping them to effectively respond to active shooter incidents. He also emphasizes the importance of decentralizing school police agencies from the bureaucratic leadership in schools to ensure that the school's philosophy on student conduct does not interfere with policing capabilities or campus response. In addition to robust policing measures, Tre supports the utilization of advanced security technologies like lock-down systems and advanced gun detection technology to enhance the protection of our schools. Recognizing that response times to active-shooter incidents typically ranges from 6-8 minutes, Tre proposes the establishment of triage teams on every school campus. These teams would be trained to respond swiftly and effectively, prioritizing life preservation in the event of an unexpected tragedy. To support these initiatives, Tre advocates for the allocation of federal funding to facilitate the necessary training, resources and implementation.

10. Enhance internet safety to protect children:

Tre is a fighter for the younger generation. He will continue to fight to defend our children from malicious actors online. Tre will implement policies to protect children from nefarious actors on social media seeking to indoctrinate children with harmful ideas, poison them with counterfeit drugs laced with fentanyl, or even to persuade them to participate in dangerous suicide games. (TikTok games). Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act (CDA230) was designed to protect online service providers from being held liable for the actions of third-party users. However, in the era of social media, tech giants have used this outdated law to claim immunity protection from illegal activities they knowingly facilitate, such as drug trafficking, terrorism, piracy, and numerous other offenses. As an early advocate for challenging social media following the Dallas, Texas shooting that claimed five police officers' lives, Tre is dedicated to reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

11. Protect the Second Amendment:

Tre places great importance on the 2nd Amendment and the right of Americans to bear arms. He is resolute in his defense of the 2nd Amendment and citizens' right to protect themselves using firearms. Moreover, Tre strongly disputes erroneous narratives surrounding shooting violence and common misconceptions about its causation. He firmly believes that human behavior is inherently complex and unpredictable, which is why firearms cannot be solely responsible for shooting attacks. While behavioral patterns can be studied and analyzed, individual thoughts, emotions, and external factors can greatly impact a person's behavior in a given situation. As someone who has personally been impacted by gun violence, Tre understands that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people!”

12. Pro-Life Advocate:

The future of the next generation rests heavily on the importance of our children. Tre strongly advocates for the pro-life movement and firmly believes that each child has inherent worth and the fundamental right to life. As someone who has actually fought against cultural norms to save his own child’s life, Tre believes that every child deserves a chance at life.

13. Strengthening Healthcare:

The current state of healthcare prescription costs in the United States is unacceptable. Shockingly, nearly 19 million Americans are forced to import medicine from other countries in order to afford it, saving an average of 56% on world imports. This is a clear indication that the U.S. healthcare system is in dire need of reform. Additionally, it should be noted that drug prices for cancer treatment in the United States are two to four times higher than in other comparable countries and as a result, many patients are forced to skip or delay needed medications, which can often contribute to an exacerbation of the disease, worsening health, or even death.

It is unacceptable that our citizens are penalized for purchasing the same medicines here at home by having to pay more money. Medicare, as the largest purchaser of medicines from pharmaceutical companies, is in a unique position to help address this issue. Unfortunately, federal law currently prohibits Medicare from negotiating prices, meaning that the government pays higher premiums which are ultimately passed on to consumers. This practice is unfair to and must be addressed for the sake of the countless children battling cancer in need of life-saving drugs. Tre is committed to introducing legislation that will allow Medicare to negotiate prices directly with drug companies which will result in better rates for American consumers.

14. Next Generation Jobs:

As robotic automation continues to expand; it is projected that around 800 million jobs worldwide will be lost by 2030. Even workers in the United States are not immune to this trend. Texas Congressional District 3 has experienced a decline in retail jobs according to the latest U.S. Census, while manufacturing jobs have remained stagnant. Retail jobs in the district now stand at 10.8%, while manufacturing jobs account for only 7.9%. To address this issue, Tre is proposing an increase in manufacturing jobs in the district, particularly in areas such as semiconductor production and green-energy technologies that were previously outsourced to countries like China.

Recognizing the changing job market, Tre believes it is crucial to provide training to the next generation in the latest technologies and research to help them stay competitive with automation. Additionally, to "recession-proof" the economy, it is essential to train more young people in critical infrastructure markets such as industrial and systems engineering, manufacturing systems, supply chain technologies, and cybersecurity.

15. Energy Independence:

Maintaining America's energy independence is vital to its economic stability. Tre believes that protecting the oil and gas industry must remain a priority. This industry has been a significant contributor to the global economy by providing energy for transportation, manufacturing, and other essential sectors, while also creating employment opportunities for millions of people and generating substantial tax revenue for governments. America must remain 100% energy independent to break its dependency on foreign oil.

16. Border Security & Immigration:

Tre advocates for fully funding the Border Patrol Agency and enhancing border security technologies (drones and sonar scans) to stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking above and below the ground. Tre proposes legislation that will allow Border Patrol agents to work hand-in-hand with the National Guard to strengthen our southern borders.

Due to the manipulation of U.S. asylum laws, Tre proposes a "pause" on asylum seekers until a comprehensive immigration plan is developed by Congress, recategorizing immigration into three separate categories (visas, illegal immigration and asylum seeking), and reviewing each category by a different court system to address the backlog in immigration court. Tre also proposes legislation to withhold federal funding from countries that are sending migrants to the U.S. border. Tre believes the issues with those countries should be solved with the governments from which the migrants originated. This will relieve migrant in-flow at the U.S. border.

17. Protecting Our Wildlife and Livestock

Preserving the well-being of our wildlife and livestock is a cause close to Tre's heart. He strongly advocates for safeguarding these invaluable resources to ensure they can be cherished by future generations. Additionally, he is dedicated to striking an appropriate balance that prevents excessive government interference, particularly in collaboration with far-left organizations like PETA, whose views don't align with Tre's conservative positions on preserving our natural heritage and personal liberties related to human-animal interaction.

18. Mitigating Environmental Risks

The changing environment demands our attention towards mitigating the repercussions of natural disasters like wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It's imperative to contemplate strategies such as enhancing irrigation and management practices in arid regions, fortifying infrastructure, constructing desalination facilities for water conversion, establishing early warning systems, and devising escape and refuge mechanisms to alleviate potential risks. Israel has taken a pioneering role in addressing environmental vulnerabilities, and it is now opportune for the United States to embrace similar measures.

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