The Rise of Violent Crime: Secure America For Everyone (S.A.F.E)

As violent crime in America continues to increase, policies continue to become more lenient which has made our communities less safe. Political agendas like Defund the Police and No Bail laws have demoralized law enforcement and have weakened the criminal justice system's ability to maintain public safety.

This week marked the release of Dr. Tre Pennie's official video unveiling his "SECURE AMERICA FOR EVERYONE" initiative. In this concise 30-second clip, Dr. Pennie shares a personal narrative, recounting the profound impact of violent crime on his own family. Drawing attention to notable incidents of shooting violence in Texas, including the Uvalde School Shooting, he argues that the nation requires qualified leadership in Congress to effectively tackle these complex challenges.

Central to Dr. Pennie's plan is a commitment to Secure America for Everyone. This involves implementing policies that specifically target violence by addressing the shortcomings in the probation and parole system, with the aim of keeping violent offenders off the streets. Additionally, he advocates for the closure of legal loopholes that, in his view, have allowed state and local officials to infringe upon citizens' Constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment (Equal Protection Clause), thereby subjecting communities to crime in the name of social justice agendas that seemingly prioritize criminals over victims.

A key aspect of the initiative is Dr. Pennie's pledge to collaborate with Congress on bi-partisan legislation to protect every community. This legislative effort seeks to ensure a robust federal response to pre-meditated attacks on law enforcement, particularly those perpetrated by illegal aliens. Dr. Pennie points to a recent incident in New York City where illegal immigrants violently assaulted police officers, emphasizing that such behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in this country. His proposed remedy involves the immediate arrest, imprisonment, and deportation of individuals engaging in such acts.

Dr. Pennie positions his plan as a "public safety-first" agenda, underscoring its primary focus on the well-being of children, families, and communities. By addressing violent crime at the federal level, he aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all citizens.

With the stakes higher than ever, we cannot endure another two years of ineffective public safety policies. The urgency to take decisive action is upon us. It's time to cast your vote for change and select a candidate who is committed to fighting for your interests.

Support Dr. Tre Pennie for U.S. House in Texas Congressional District 3 and make your voice count in shaping a safer and more secure future for our communities!

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