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Dr. Tre Pennie Leads Fight Against Fentanyl Epidemic
Following yet another devastating fentanyl overdose claiming the life of a teenager in Texas Congressional District 3, the glaring reality of the "opioid c
Texas Congressional District 3 Deserves Better Leadership: A Call for Dr. Tre Pennie
In the midst of the chaos and dysfunction plaguing the halls of Congress, it's imperative that we, the constituents of Texas Congressional District 3, dema
Secure America For Everyone
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The Rise of Violent Crime: Secure America For Everyone (S.A.F.E)
As violent crime in America continues to increase, policies continue to become more lenient which has made our communities less safe. Political agendas lik
I want to be a 'national advocate for law enforcement': Tre Pennie | Fox News Video
U.S. Congressional candidate Tre Pennie, R-Texas, tells 'Fox & Friends Weekend' that 'now is the time for law enforcement to take hold of their own destiny
OAN: Retailers opt for empty shelves to prevent theft
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Video: Tre Pennie campaign kickoff event October 5
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Sgt. Tre Pennie speaks before Senate Judiciary Committee on "Law Enforcement Officer Safety" 7/26/22
Discusses impact of the defund police movement
Gun violence 'not slowing down' anytime soon in America
National Fallen Officer Foundation President Dr Tre Pennie says gun violence is "not slowing down" anytime soon in America. This comes after a gunman op
Americans are 'desensitised' to gun violence
National Fallen Officer Foundation President Tre Pennie says Americans are "desensitised" to gun violence. This comes after a gunman opened fire in Lewi
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